1. What is the iYogi Complaints forum?

A. iYogi Complaints is a platform where you can voice your opinion or share your real consumer experience that you have encountered while availing services and products offered by your service provider. We at iYogi Complaints forum see to it that you get a proper platform that can draw your service provider’s attention the moment you post a complaint here and get all legitimate complaints addressed satisfactorily.

2. Will you share my data with anyone else?

A. We do not share your data with anyone; it is completely secure with us. We have advanced security measures in place to prevent any kind of attempt to gain unauthorized access to your data.

3. What information do I give to iYogi Complaints?

A. At the time of registration you will be required to fill a form and provide basic information about yourself like name, e-mail address etc. Once you are a registered user and want to post a complaint, you will need to fill in details like the incident date, brief description of the problem faced etc., in order to make it easy for us to get the service provider to get your issue addressed satisfactorily.

4. What type of complaints can I post on this site?

A. You can post your complaints under any of the following categories on the site: 1) Issue not resolved, 2) Misleading advertising, 3) Bad service, 4) Subscription/Product issue, 5) Out of scope service, 6) Employee lounge

5. Is it a paid service?

A. No, it is a free service. You are not required to pay anything.